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Hover-1 Superstar Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose and solve the following problems: Failure to charge Distortion or lack of sound coming from speaker Hover-1 Superstar powers on but won't move Lights do not turn on Sparking from the charging port

Failure to Charge

The Hover-1 Superstar does not appear to charge the battery when it’s plugged in.

Defective Charging Cable

It is often for charging cables to no longer be able to charge the device due to the cable being damaged. Some examples of damage to the cable could be fraying, splitting, or a symptom not observable. Try testing the cable with another similar device if one is available. If the device does not charge, a new charging cable may be necessary.

Defective Battery

The battery could be a likely cause of the device not holding a charge. A defective battery will not be able to hold energy from a charge. Battery replacement would be the best approach to fixing the problem. Click here for a complete guide to replacing the battery on the Hover-1 Superstar.

Device won’t balance

Device is able to turn on but won’t balance

Balance sensors are defective

The balance sensors on the Hover-1 Superstar are critical for helping the device maintain its balance on its own, and when the user is riding it. View this guide to go through the steps on how to replace them.

Device shakes uncontrollably

The device shakes in an unusual way.

One side of the device is defective

Try to determine which side of the device is malfunctioning. If one side begins to shake when stepping off, then you can identify which side is having the problem. If this is clearly identifiable then it is likely that the sensor is detecting non existent weight. This could mean that the Hover-1 sensor(s) needs to be replaced. For a step by step guide on how to replace the sensor(s) visit this guide.

Audio is Distorted

Sound is either distorted or non-existent.

Speaker(s) has Water Damage

The speaker(s) may have water damage and require immediate attention. Using a towel to dry up the affected areas, or taking apart the Hover-1 Superstar in order to further dry and displace any remaining liquid. Sometimes, liquid damage to the Hover-1 Superstar can render its speakers broken. In this instance, replacing the speaker(s) is the best option. Click here for a complete guide to replacing the speakers on the Hover-1 Superstar.

Speaker(s) May be Worn

The speaker(s) can become damaged over time through general use of the Hover-1 Superstar. Opening up the hover board in order to determine the specific cause may be necessary. This could include disconnected wiring, impact damage or other causes related to everyday use. If the speaker(s) is broken, replacing it may be the best option. Click here for a complete guide to replacing the speakers on the Hover-1 Superstar.

Hover-1 Superstar Powers on but Won’t Move

The device is capable of powering on but is unable to move.

Debris Caught in the Wheels

Debris can become trapped in the wheels after time passes with active use of the Hover-1 Superstar, especially in areas with pets. In this case, removing the case and pulling out debris from the wheel axles may be the solution.

Sensors are defective

It’s possible that the sensor pads are not functioning properly and not detecting weight as it should. For more information on how to diagnose this problem, and ultimately how to replace the sensor pads, visit this guide.

Lights do not turn on

Lights appear dim or are not working when the device is on.

Light Bulbs are Defective

The lights on the Hover-1 Superstar are prone to failure. If the lights aren’t working, then it may be necessary to replace the lights. Click here for a complete guide to replacing the lights on the Hover-1 Superstar.

Defective Battery

Charge from the battery is required for the lights on the Hover-1 Superstar to work. If the lights are dim or not working, the battery may not be supplying a sufficient amount of electricity for the lights to work. A battery replacement should potentially fix the problem. Click here for a complete guide to replacing the battery on the Hover-1 Superstar.

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