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Screen will not turn on despite holding/hitting the power button.

If your phone battery is drained and no longer has a charge your phone will not be able to turn on. Plug your phone into either a computer or a wall adapter to charge it. After approximately 1 hour attempt again to turn on your phone. If your phone still does not turn on your battery may have lost its connection to the motherboard or your battery will need to be replaced, use this guide.

It is also possible that your phone not turning on could come from the power/lock button being unresponsive. To deal with this problem refer to the header hard buttons are unresponsive or sticking.

If your phone appears to be turning on and working properly, such as hearing the start-up tone, it is possible that your display has lost connection to the motherboard or it needs to be replaced.

If nothing else works, your motherboard is probably bad and needs to be replaced.

Phone will not charge despite plugging it in.

Before coming to the conclusion that something is wrong with your phone or your charger check to see that the outlet is working properly by plugging something else in that you are sure is working.

Try using another power adapter or plug phone into a computer. If either works your power adapter is bad.

Inspect your charging cable to see if there any cuts in the cable. If there are no apparent damages to your cable try charging your phone with another cable because your cable could have gone bad.

If nothing else worked, the charging port will need to be replaced.

Battery does not last as long as it used to.

Close out of applications after you are done using them. Turn off setting such as Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use. Lower the screen brightness.

Look to see if there are any software updates for your phone, update phone if needed, and keep phone up to date.

Charge your phone for 10 minutes using a wall charger. Make sure your phone is powered off and push and hold the volume up, volume down, and power buttons for 2 minutes. After the 2 minutes are up let go of the buttons and charge the phone to 100%.

If the previous options did not work you will need to factory reset your phone. If you do not want to reset your phone you can replace the battery, but the problem could possibly be coming from something on your phone.

If the previous steps showed no solution, you will need to replace your phone battery. You can replace your battery by following this guide.

Visible damage to back case is not all that aesthetically pleasing.

Scratches are bound to happen on the back case from us throwing it onto stuff .All that can be done is to replace the back case. You can replace your back case by following this guide.

Battery overheating can cause the back case to bubble making the phone unable to sit flat on a table top. Replace both the back case and the battery. You can replace your back case and battery by following this guide.

When playing music or watching videos the sound that comes does not sound quite right.

Try lowering your volume.

If lowering your volume did not alleviate your problem, you need to replace your phone's loud speaker. You can follow this guide to replace your loud speaker. This does require dis-assembly of your phone.

When calling someone and you can barely hear them or not at all.

When in a call, push the volume up button.

Turn your phone off and back on.

If the software solutions did not solve the problem your phone's ear speaker needs to be replaced. You can follow the disassemble for this component by following this guide.

When you try to push your phones buttons and it just won't let you.

Some cases, even if they are meant for your phone can cause trouble when attempting to push your hard buttons. Try removing your case to see if you are able to push the buttons.

Sometimes buttons get stuck in the casing of the phone, so this requires you to disassemble your phone.

When hard buttons lose connection to the motherboard they can fall off or become unresponsive. To fix this, this requires you to disassemble your phone and check to see if the ribbon connections are secure in their housing.

When you are unable to capture life's memories with your phone's camera.

Press and hold your home button, swipe the camera app up to close it. Reopen the app.

Turn off your phone and turn it back on.

Open your phone and look at motherboard if there is any visual damage replace it.

If your camera is still not working will need to be replaced. You can follow this guide to replace your camera.

When your photos have unwanted filters.

Sometimes cases need to be cleaned. If cleaning the case did not fix your problem, then try removing the case to determine if the case has been the source of the image interference.

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the camera lens on the outside of the phone.

Disassemble your phone and clean the camera lens on the inside of the phone, with a microfiber cloth. You can follow part of this guide to replace access your camera lens.

Look at your camera lens if there appears to be any scratches on it replace the lens. You can follow part of this guide to replace access your camera lens.

If all of the previous solutions have not solved your problem you will need to replace the camera. You can follow this guide to replace your camera.

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