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FAO Schwarz Apex 1 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page is designed to help you diagnose problems with the FAO Schwarz Apex 1 remote control car.

Car Won’t Start

The car shows no sign of power.

Depleted Battery Pack

The Apex 1 runs using a battery pack. If the batteries have weakened and are unable to power the device, the battery pack must be replaced. After replacing the battery pack, the voltage should again be able to power the car.

Improper Battery Installment

Check to be sure that your battery is properly connected to the wire plug-in, located in the battery compartment. Without this connection, the battery cannot provide energy to the motor to start the toy vehicle.

Disconnected/Damaged Motor Wiring

The motor is powered by the battery pack, which is connected to the motor by a set of wires. Ensure that the wires are connected to both the motor and battery pack, or if the wires are damaged, follow this guide for help replacing the wires.

Burnt Wiring Insulation

Wire malfunction can often indicate that the inner wiring has become overheated and charred. This occurs when the power generated exceeds the wattage of the wiring, but typically leaves the outer wiring unharmed. This can be repaired by re-insulating or shrinking the tubing of your wiring.

Vehicle Isn’t Responding to Remote Control

When buttons on the remote control are pressed, the toy car does not respond.

Remote Control System Failure

The Apex 1 is controlled via remote control system. If the remote control becomes damaged, the device will not respond to input from the control system. Ensure the remote control system is not damaged before proceeding to other possible issues listed below.

Dead Remote Battery

A common problem with remote control malfunction comes from simply needing a battery replacement. By removing the old battery and replacing it with a new one, your remote control should resume its connect to the vehicle.

Not Powered On

The car and remote control both have on/off switches. Ensure both are turned on before using the Apex 1.

Trigger Mechanism Malfunctioning

The trigger mechanism for the controller works on a circuit board. If the circuit board is damaged, the trigger mechanism won’t function and the car will cease to accelerate. This can be repaired by replacing the circuit board or other specific parts of the trigger mechanism.

Vehicle Isn’t Steering Correctly

The vehicle makes odd noises when turning or drives unsteadily.

Loose Joints

When axles become excessively worn over time, they become loose and may create a rattling noise when in motion. By adjusting or replacing the screws holding the axle in place, the turns should be smooth and inaudible once again.

Broken Axle

If the front-axle has become damaged in anyway, it could have become unbalanced, causing excessive vibration as the vehicle accelerates. In this case, the front-axle would need to be entirely replaced.

Car Keeps Turning Over

Car is not absorbing impact as advertised; will turn over or crash when attempting to drift or land after stunts.

Dislodged Springs

You may attempt to push the springs back into place. Follow this guide to see how to do so.

Rusted Springs

If your springs have rust on them, use a rust removing solution and scrub with an abrasive tool to remove traces of rust.

Busted Springs

Use replacement guide to remove, place in homemade solution for 24 hours or follow instructions for store bought solutions, use replacement guide to put back on car.

Wheels Won’t Turn

The wheels on the car won’t spin fully or at all.

Punctured/Worn Wheels

A punctured or worn wheel may cause the vehicle to drive uneasily. Use tools, such as tweezers, to remove any small foreign objects from the wheel. In the case that the wheels have simply been overused, they likely need to be replaced.

Rusted Wheels

If your wheels have rust on them, use a rust removing solution and scrub with an abrasive tool to remove traces of rust.

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