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Computer King Muffin Kinder 7 Troubleshooting

The model number for blue Computer King Muffin Kinder 7 is 4CKG88019. The model number for pink Computer King Muffin Kinder 7 is 4CKG88021.

The device does not power on, regardless of how many times I press the power button.

First check to make sure that the power button is functioning properly. Refer to the Buttons will not respond section in this troubleshooting guide.

Your battery might be out of life. Try charging the device, using several different power outlets.

If the device doesn't charge, then the charger itself might be broken. In this case, the charger will have to be replaced.

If your device still does not charge, then the battery is defective and will have to be replaced.

The screen appears frozen, or the start screen will appear when I press the power button but the screen itself will not move no matter how much I touch it.

If your screen appears frozen, there might be too many open apps causing the device to run slow. Try restarting the device.

The glass might be broken to the point that the touch screen below no longer registers your finger. The glass will have to replaced.

Your touch screen might be broken and will have to be replaced.

If the screen does not respond after restarting the device and replacing the touch screen, then you have a bad logic board and you will have to replace it.

Nothing happens when I press certain buttons.

The buttons may be clogged with dirt and/or debris. Check surrounding areas of buttons and clean out any dirt, dust or debris.

The buttons may have been displaced through continuous or vigorous use. Open device and check the buttons to make sure they are in proper slots, and place back in proper slots if necessary.

The logic board of the device may simply have gone bad. If this is the case, simply replace.

The speakers are not emitting any sound or the speakers' sound is distorted.

Try Adjusting the volume with the two volume buttons on the side of the device. If these buttons are stuck, you can adjust the volume on the touch screen.

This could be due to poor system performance, which can be solved by clearing memory space, updating the tablet's software, reducing the number of applications running simultaneously, or ensuring you have a strong internet connection if the media you are accessing is online.

If the headphone jack is activated, it disables the sound coming from the internal speakers. Blow any dust that accumulated in the jack out with a can of compressed air, or use a toothpick to get it out. You may need to do a more thorough cleaning by shutting the device down and gently cleaning out the jack with an cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or by spraying the jack with a cleaning spray that is safe to use on electronics. Make sure you let the jack dry out before reactivating the device.

If none of the fixes above solved the problem, then there may be an issue with the physical speakers. In this case, the speakers need to be replaced.

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