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Cal Poly, Team 5-13, Maness Fall 2010

Equipo de Estudiantes

Etiqueta del equipo: CPSU-MANESS-F10S5G13

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Patching a Bicycle Tire Inner Tube

This guide will show how to patch a tire on the specialized expedition.

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Adjusting the Rear Derailleur

Adjusting the rear derailleur to be in the proper position for optimal shifting.

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How to clean and adjust Direct-Pull Cantilever V Brakes

Brake pad installation and adjustment.

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Ball Bearing Cone Adjustment and Installation

This guide will be a walk through on how to replace the ball bearings in your...

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Crank Arms Replacement

A guide on removing the crank arms.

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How to True a wheel

In this guide we will learn how to true a bike wheel that is out of round.

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Rear Wheel Replacement

How to detach the rear wheel from your bike.

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Adjust Goose-neck (adjustable quill stem) on Specialized Expedition

If the handle bars are to low or to high, adjust the height of the goose-neck...

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Bike Chain Removal

Use a chain cutting tool to unlink a chain that doesn't have a master link or...

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Bike Chain Installation

Connecting the bike chain links is a very important part of bicycle repair,...