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New life for old MacBook Pro!

sorgenfri0 -

MacBook Core Duo

Imagen de cuento

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

5 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

Over the years, the 320 GB hard drive in my trusty, late 2008 15" had become noisy, slow - and almost full, so I ordered a 500 GB including the few tools required.

Mi Solucion

The guide was more than sufficient, even for someone with limited experience. The physical exchange of the two drives was very quick. Installing OS X on the new drive was also easy. After restoring from Time machine backup, the old MacBook was again up and running, faster than before.

Mi Consejo

I had forgot to order the adapter from hard drive connector to USB, luckily I had the correct one from an earlier project (the white, not the black, in the picture).

Imagen de 500 GB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive
500 GB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive


Imagen de Spudger


Imagen de T6 Torx Screwdriver
T6 Torx Screwdriver


Imagen de Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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2 comentarios

Upgrading to a SSD would really speed loading of programs, and virtual memory / swap file I/O. Are you also running 8 GB of RAM?

Jose Francisco Medeiros - Contestar

i have been dutifully maintaining my late 2008 macbook pro... first, i replaced the half of the power cord that plugs into the wall and the cube... then i upgraded to 6GB RAM and a 500GB HDD... time to replace the battery after i found the touchpad was actually unusable due to heat-swelling... discovered after 6 years that i could burn cd's but not dvd's; laser out of calibration and no software utilities would realign it... bought sexy silver slot-loading external dvd rewriter on ebay for CHEAP, ordered hybrid ssd/hdd 1TB from owc and a 1tb hdd for cheap, removed superdrive and used data-doubler kit to install new ssd hybrid with new 1tb hdd and 2 more GB RAM... now stuck on el capitan, too old for new osx, installed fan-speed tweaking software to jack up fan speed to a high constant to prevent overheating... she's PIMPED!!! well worth it all, over almost 9 years! still speed demon! and it was FREE in the first place: i was awarded it for best performance over 3 months at my telecom!! SWEET. nevergiveup!

jenrhaine - Contestar

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