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I am unemployed information technology person who has worked in IT since 1995. I have worked as a full time employee for IBM, Intel, Cisco Systems, LSI Logic, FlowWise Networks, and Mirapoint. I specialized in Microsoft Server infrastructures, and Storage Area Networks, and was a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and a former Microsoft Certified Trainer, teaching Computer Information Systems as an adjunct instructor for San Jose City College in 2000 -2001. I am now 50 years old, and now realize how hard it is for people to find work in my age group that pays better then minimum wage, we can all thank Corporate America for sending our jobs to India and China, so they secretly undermine the American middle class, and raise the bar on the skills required for less pay. Yes, I am bitter, I have every right to be, I never wasted the money I earned on expensive vacations, expensive cars, gambling, drugs, alcohol, fast women, or in the stock market, I invested in my education to keep my technical skills current, and in my home that I owned for 15 years before being deceived by Wells Fargo bank, and having my home foreclosed on at 1080 Noble lane, San Jose, Cal, 95132, and being served my eviction notice on Christmas eve, 2009, and evicted by the sheriff with a door lock lock change on new years eve 2009. My last job was on the server engineer team at Symantec, January 2009.

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