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Power Surge damages on tv

We recently had some storms in our area, and a neighbor didn't have a surge protector on his tv. I replaced the power supply board on it because the 24v wasn't reading. What is likely to get fried on a tv during a surge?



I'm really starting to rely on iFixit, thanks guys!

It is a westinghouse VK-40F580D. These is a whooping ONE fuse that is soldered in place, and it checks out fine. The 24v rail is not working, I replaced the power board, but that didn't fix it so I am not going to spend more money. But I would like to know what could go wrong. No leaky caps or busted diodes. Any other ideas for future reference? Besides getting a surge protector :P

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micahchetrit, the first few things that come to my mind are fuses ;-) capacitors and diodes. Most likely on the power board. I'd start with that. Check for any obvious damage, like leaky caps, swollen caps and blown fuses. Let us know what model TV you have so we can try to help you further with this. Hope this helps to get you started.

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