iPhone 4S not charging or recognised by iTunes after full transplant?


I am new to this forum and was hoping if someone could help me diagnose what's wrong with my iPhone 4S without replacing parts to no avail.

The phone in question was badly damaged after being knocked out of hand onto to a hard floor and then someone with a stiletto heel decided to stand on it. As a result the screen was completely shattered and the metal bezel was bent out of shape.

At the time, I noticed that everything was still working internally. The phone turned on, asks for pin, vibrates, Siri worked, and the gyroscope worked too, so I thought it wasn't a complete loss and went about fixing it.

Using the guides on this site and parts supplied from mendmyi, I replaced the metal bezel and the screen which meant I had to pretty much remove everything over to the new bezel. The only thing that I didn't move over was this large green/grey film like sticker, stuck to the front of the bezel under the screen as it began to tear as soon as I touched it. I spent around 6 hours, checking and double checking that I moved every little bit over to the new bezel.

The repair went well for the most part, but I am having trouble in a couple of areas and wondered if anyone else has experienced similar problems after an iPhone transplant.

Everything on the phone is functioning well except:

  1. When the phone is making a call, the dialing ring is not quite right and sounds like it is breaking up/crackly. The speakers work fine when playing music though and the microphone picks up on noise and Siri works fine.
  2. The phone will not will sync or charge. iTunes will not recognise the phone to sync nor will it charge from the USB or mains if plugged in while the phone is on. If I plug it into the mains while the phone is off, then turn it on, it begins to charge, makes the beep noise and displays it is charging, but will not charge again if unplugged then replugged while it is on. It also seems to recognise that it is plugged into the computer as it will go into DFU mode, but iTunes still does not respond.

My first reaction is to replace the dock connector as it seems that it may be responsible for a lot of the symptoms, but wanted to check if anyone knows a simple fix before throwing more money at it.

Any help or advice your guys could offer would be greatly received.

Kind regards,


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