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Esta Apple Cinema Display se caracteriza por el número de modelo M8149 y se lanzó por primera vez en julio de 2000

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replacement of scratched display protector

hi i'm looking to find out if i can get my scratched 23 HD cinema display, is the front panel removable? i tried calling my local apple service center to no avail, any help much apreciated :)

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Have you had much experience in taking things apart Jones? I would look through some of the guides that closely resemble your device and look at the layout on the outside and work from there in deciding how easy it would be to take apart to reach your screen. I'm trying to find a source to help you better at the moment :)

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Apple Cinema Display HD (23-Inch) Specs

Identifiers: Cinema HD Display - M8537ZM/A - N/A

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jones, just in case Gary can't find his guide, you can download the SM for a limited time from here Good Luck.

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OT - I'm working on a wiki for the first Apple Cinema Display 22". Can you give me a link for the service source FOR IT? THANKS

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mayer- Here you go Sir...

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Sorry, I got so involved with correction of the wikis on the Cinema Displays I forgot to give you an answer. Here's how to do it: Apple Cinema Display M8149 LCD Screen Replacement

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