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MBP keyboard error -- multiple characters from same key

Having a keyboard issue. :) Some keys work fine (e.g., caps lock lights up and functions correctly; the brightness keys and the ambient light sensor and backlight also work correctly). Others fail to send any data at all (e.g. the arrow keys and most of the function keys). There is also a group keys that print three characters from the same group at a time. E.g., D, E, and 3 all print "de3"; F, R, and 4 all print "fr4." etc.

The keyboard is acting the same after a new install of OSX so I doubt its a software issue. If anyone knows of a simple fix that would be super! However, I'm almost positive the keyboard needs to be replaced.

The trackpad works great so I'm assuming that the motherboard and palmrest are OK but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?



MBP 3,1 | June '07 | 15" | A1226 | 2.4 GHz / 256MB

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OK, the A12650 keyboard is in now and working well! I swapped over all the A1226-specific keys like the numpad characters because the palmrest was not replaced. I was a bit surprised to notice that the A1260 backlight is quite a bit nicer, seems a bit brighter with less light leakage from the front. I'm still looking into a way to get some of the keys to function as media keys, e.g. Play/Pause but the keyboard works as intended now. :)

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You are most likely correct that the keyboard needs replacement but I would first attach a USB keyboard to your MBP and test those same keys with the duplicate characters. If the external keyboard functions correctly then just replace the MBP internal keyboard in the top case.

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Sounds good, I have an A1260 keyboard on order. I really wish I could enable the A1260 function layout without swapping palmrests. I'll probably just swap some of the old keys onto the new keyboard or look for a decent keybinding app.

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