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Liquid Damage Magsafe LED Dim Green with Dead Battery

I have purchased a few water damaged A1342 MacBooks. They were in storage and the sprinkler system came on. They have not had power to them when I got them. I cleaned a couple of the logic boards with alcohol and let them dry overnight. When connected to power, the magsafe led is very dim and will not turn on at all. I know the battery has absolutely no charge. I tried a new dc-in board with the same results (may have purchased a defective board). Will the dead battery cause the macbook not to boot with ac power or should I try another dc-in board?

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Remove the bottom case.

Remove the battery connecter from the logic board.

press and hold the power button

plug the charger into laptop.

wait for 10-15 sec with holding power button and charger ins to it.

release the power button and press it again.

your macbook will sure power up.

this is the process to bypass the SMC which diagnose the whole laptop during starting up. i have a same a1342 with liquid damage . but power up with this process but battery is not working . every liquid damage is working with this process. thnx

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I tried holding the power button while plugged into ac power and battery unplugged for the 15 seconds. It still won't boot. The magsafe led lit orange for about 1s when I first plugged it in and then it went back to the dim green that I can only see if I block all the light around it with my hand. The light is pulsing the dim green also.

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do it again i faced so many water damaged MacBooks or pro after cleaning it will work as this only . after cleaning it will power up only one time normally the shut off then the SMC will damage at that time due to the liquid. just try it again it will power up .

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I tried it a few more times, but nothing happens. If the magsafe led is not on at all with a known good power supply is the problem the magsafe board? I feel like the logic board isn't getting any power. Also, do you think the keyboard or power button is faulty not allowing for the reset like you talked about?

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i have the same condition. water was spilled on the keyboard. after few days it just showed dim green light in the magsafe. i removed the logic board and dismantle the keyboard also. i wash the top case with little hot water mixed with soap. then let it dry in sun for morning to evening. and i cleaned the logic board with white petrol . first i soaked the logic board into it then later after few hours i washed it properly and same let it dry for same 1 day in the sun light . after this it showed same green dim light . then i tried all those steps which i told you before. during this laptop turns on and i use it for the whole day with charger in that time it not showing any progress of battery and charging. then i leave it for 3 days without using becoz i think that time i had to change the logic board . before 2 days i pressed the power button with charger normally it power up. now from then it working as normal and charging the battery also. you can try this.

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I will definitely try this. I have not soaked the logic boards in anything. That's what I'll do next. Thank you for your response, I will see if this works for me.

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The first thing to do now is reset the SMC and PRAM

To reset the PRAM, press command, option P and R

To reset the SMC, follow this, I pulled it right off of apple's support pages

Note: Portable computers that have a battery you should not remove on your own include MacBook Pro (Early 2009) and later, all models of MacBook Air, and MacBook (Late 2009).

Shut down the computer.

Plug in the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting it to the Mac if its not already connected.

On the built-in keyboard, press the (left side) Shift-Control-Option keys and the power button at the same time.

Release all the keys and the power button at the same time.

Press the power button to turn on the computer.

Note: The LED on the MagSafe power adapter may change states or temporarily turn off when you reset the SMC.

I suggest replacing the batteries ASAP if you fix these laptops doing this, the batteries may have shorted out and it's more dangerous then a exploding LI-ON battery, and these are LI-PO, these go off, you are in trouble!

Trying new DC-IN boards may help, the other part that can take a pretty nasty hit from water is the logicboard, so if different DC-IN boards fail, look to the logicboards going bad

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I tried resetting the SMC with the battery unplugged and it did nothing. I do plan on replacing the batteries as I doubt they will hold a charge anyway. I'm trying to fix them without replacing the logic board because then I'll barely be breaking even.

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thats not a battery issue . i told you and its your wish you want then you can do .

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the batteries should in case they got affected by water, and Li-Po is bad when it goes off, this is a example of a Li-Po fire:

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Hi I have a water damaged MacBook pro with dim led on megasafe which I have forced on using the method of disconnecting the battery from the board as outlined above

Now it's started up what is the method to get it back to normal? Battery connected and charging?

Thanks in advance


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I was able to boot up my computer using your method.

It will only boot up if I use your method.

What do I need to do now to fix the computer?

Do I need to replace the battery?



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hello, i have a water damaged macbook a1278 after i did a isopropyl bath and let it dry thoroughly i get the green light when i plug in the charger but it does not start, not even if i do a keyboard bypass. If i connect the battery though, the laptop powers up by itself and the fan goes in full speed, displaying nothing on the screen. i don't get any sounds either. In orded to turn it off i need to take out the battery.

Any ideas?

many thanks

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Hi Simran,

I have a water damage macbook which had the same dim light and can't smc reset. So i send it to the technician and they changed the keyboard and it was working fine. Then my itchy fingers did a smc reset and not its back to square one. It won't turn on no matter what i do? So do you think its the motherboard now?

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