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My Hp 6730s says my windows 7 is not Genuine

PC says windows 7 not Genuine

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Do you know HOW it was installed? Was it done with a genuine product key, or did you not get one? If you don't have a product key and never received one, this usually means someone used an abused VLK from the era Microsoft blocks with a timed delay. Non-SLIC "activators" can also do it (which is why you never have issues with Windows Loader; it spoofs the BIOS SLIC licensing).

I would investigate how you got the installation done, even where the key came from. If a shop did it, they might have gotten the key from a grey market seller; NOS keys would not do this (even if it was bought on the secondary market) or put an abused VLK in. If a shop did this installation, return it and have them redo it. Make sure you ask for the media set and product key; don't leave without it. If they refuse, it came from the grey market, or it's an abused VLK code. If you did it, where did you purchase the key from?

This is why Microsoft switched from SLIC to embedded BIOS keys: Each key is unique to each machine, and you can't readily Windows Loader your way to a free copy of Windows because HP/Dell/Lenovo use the same initial key on the OEM SLIC media. SLIC was an XP-era scheme replaced with Win8 because of this exact problem. Now you need to trick the activation in other ways or extract the key from the system BIOS, no more Windows Loader activations.

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