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This receiver is Bluetooth Ready, has 110 Watts x 5 Direct Energy Amplification and is iPad / iPhone Certified with supplied cable

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No video output, but sound outputs

Hi, I'm working on my friend's receiver, and am trying to troubleshoot it for him. It has no video output, but the sound still works. I tried factory resetting it, and other TVs, also inspected the boards if any of the components blew, but everything seems fine. Is there a setting I'm missing or do I have to replace something? I'm lost at what to do.

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Hi @colen30873

Is this with all video input connection types i.e. HDMI, Component and Composite or only the one type of input?

Here's the service manual that may help.

On p.24 it shows the video circuit block diagram and on p.32 is the start of the DSP troubleshooting flowchart.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hi, thank you for responding. I just checked on it, and component does work normally. I have no way of testing composite, but only component seems to work now

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Seems as though there may be a problem with the Digital Signal Processor circuit used by the HDMI as Component video (and Composite) is an analogue video signal, although given that the HDMI audio still works, it must be in the video section only, either input circuit to or output circuit from the processor and not the processor itself.

See the HDMI troubleshooting section of the manual on p.34→

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