Agitator running on every setting

Kenmore 80 series washing machine.

The agitator is running on every setting. Any ideas?

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Hi @jordanblake5773

What is the model number of the washer?

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Just verifying that it is agitating when it is filling, draining, spinning instead of only in the wash cycle, is this correct?

Is the wash cycle timer stepping around by itself through the entire wash cycle from start to finish?

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When I have it on fill it doesn’t, only agitates. Same for spin and drain.

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Is the cycle timer moving or if not can you hear the timer motor running?

What happens if you manually step the timer forward 1 step?

It's almost as though there are multiple problems.

1. The water level pressure switch should detect that there's no water in the tub and this should open the water inlet valve to let the water in and also prevent the agitator action from starting until the correct level was reached.

2. Even if the switch was faulty and signaled that there was sufficient water then the agitator would commence but then cease after a set time period - cycle timer stepping forward - where the agitation would stop and the tub drained to allow it to fill again for the rinse cycle.

So it seems that there may be two problems water level pressure switch and the cycle timer.

Also when you first start the machine to "fill" the tub, what happens if you open the lid - does it stop the machine at all?

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