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The screen of my Lenovo Yoga 530 is bad

The screen of my Lenovo Yoga 530 is bad,

Where do i get the screen replaced in Nigeria and how much will it cost?

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Hi @olaniyialawode,

Please confirm the full model number and machine type (MT) number of your laptop as shown on the product information label on the bottom of the laptop?

There are two different screens available i.e. FHD (full high definition) and a HD (high definition) touchscreen version, so you need to get the correct one for your particular model variant.

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Hey, @olaniyialawode. I'm not too familiar with the economic situation in Nigeria regarding the electronic repair industry, but I'd say if you don't live in Lagos, Kano, or Port Harcout, you'll have to do it yourself using part's you've ordered online. There may be a few small businesses in Ibadan or Abuja, but I'm not sure you should trust them over yourself to do it. If you'd like to make the repair yourself, you would have to order from a third party site other than iFixit, as they don't offer displays for your model of Lenovo Yoga at this time. Good Luck

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