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La soldadura es un método para conectar dos piezas de metal entre sí mediante la fusión de otro metal de relleno entre ellas. Existen muchos tipos de soldadura, pero este artículo está diseñado para enseñarle los conceptos básicos de la soldadura eléctrica.

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Question about best soldering iron.

Hi all,

I've recently gotten into soldering, but don't really have much in bank right now to spend on a decent iron.

My two options that i've looked into are as follows:

PINECIL V2: I am leaning towards this due to it's relatively cheap price, good interface, and good performance (its 60 CAD where I am)

Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station: This one im not entirely leaning towards as it's too expensive for me and lacks portability. It would be nice to have, but I'm not sure if its a valid choice.

I'd preferr to have something relatively mid-high end for under $200, any suggestions? Which one out of the two should I go with?

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@arandomhitman nobody on here can give you an objective answer. WE can only tell you what we like. that is not what we want to do. The best tool for you is the one that works for you. It does you know good if I tell you that my Weller is the best. Tools are just like anything else, they have to work for you. It does not matter how much they cost or how pretty they look, if they just don't feel right to you. Tools are very individual and thus none of our opinion should sway you one way or the other. I have seen some amazing work being done with some Walmart soldering iron and have seen some nasty work done with Hakko stations. It's not the tool that makes the tradesperson. The trick is that you need to learn to walk before you start running.

Buy what YOU can afford and buy what YOU like.

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Fair enough then, I guess. Thanks for the answer, have a good one.

- de

@arandomhitman you too and best of luck with your future endeavours. Hopefully you'll be the next microsoldering guru on iFixit. Great role models for this are people like and and many others, who have a lot of experience and are always willing to share those with any of us.

- de

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I guess you got your answer. I can tell you I have the pinecil soldering iron and I love it. Great live info on the display.

Power, heat depends on your power supply. PD is your friend. For me it's not the most powerful, but good for electronics soldering.

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