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Una lavadora de Maytag con una tasa baja de satisfacción del cliente y una tasa alta de fallas.

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What would cause my Bravo washer to not spin the clothes in a cycle

What would cause my Bravo washer to not spin the clothes in a cycle yet when the dial is turned to drain/spin it works. The clothes spin forever like the brake doesn’t engage.

Update (02/23/24)



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Hi @marshallbr61156

Did you mean MVWX700XL2?

If so here's the tech sheet for the washer that may help to find out what the problem is.

Go to p.2 to view the procedure for entering the diagnostic test mode and check if any error codes are shown during the tests. - see Activating the service diagnostic test modes.

To interpret the status LEDs to know what the code is, see the Fault/Error Code Display Method chart on p.3

A description of the each code and the possible checks are shown on p.6→p.7

If there is a faulty part and it needs replacing, here's a parts list that is useful.

Scroll through the list to locate the wanted part and once it is found you will find the manufacturer's part number for the part listed with it. Search online using the part number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

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This is copied straight from

The label. It’s not MVW. MUW




® Trademark ol/Merque Déposta de Wnlripool, U.S.A,





Benton Harbor, MI. 49022

Whiripool Canada, Liceneee / Emplol Licenció au Canada

TYPE: 588-04







0%/,1001142 0 Lovor 1154

ALE L12.77

Energy Vortfied



- de


OK but there's no results at all when searching online for your model number i.e. no parts, user manual, tech sheet etc.

I was looking also at Maytag/Whirlpool parts suppliers in Canada and they either came up blank or had links to MVWX700XL2 parts.

You could try the tech sheet I linked just in case it is also relevant to your model.

- de

@marshallbr61156 post a picture of the label with your Question. I just checked your serial number as well and even that comes back as a MVW ;-)

- de

I believe I got it diagnosed as the actuator. I found my manual and read up on it. I can’t seem to post pictures, but my above comment includes the serial number.

- de

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