Washer sounds like it is trying to spin out but there are no lights on

There are no lights on the control panel. It sounds like it is trying to drain but not spinning. Cannot not stop machine with button and I must unplug it.

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Hi @bradstallard,

What is the full model number of the washer?

There are 5 model variants with this number i.e. MVWB765FW0 → MVWB765FW4 and they don't all work the exact same way.

Knowing the full number will help to get a better response and the correct parts if needed.

Just verifying that when you unplug the machine the machine stops functioning and then when you plug it back in again it starts to "drain" but there's nothing showing on the control panel is this correct?

When the machine if disconnected, try manually filling the machine with some water and then close the lid and plug it in again and check if it is actually draining. This is just to verify that the pump is working albeit when it shouldn't be.

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