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Modelo A1286. Lanzado en febrero de 2011 / 2.0, 2.2 o 2.3 GHz Procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos

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White Screen when installing MacOS


I just got this device from eBay and it came with no hard drive installed. I installed a 128GB SSD and tried installing OS X El Capitan on it. I can pick the USB drive, it runs through something for a few minutes and ends in a white screen. Nothing else happens after the white screen. Same happens with internet recovery - only ending in a permanently white screen.

I already tried a PRAM reset...

What could be the issue? Where can I look?

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Sadly, it sounds like you hit the RadeonGate issue which was a defect is the AMD Radeon 6000 GPU’s used in the 2011 series.

The only way to overcome this is to disable the discrete GPU and just use the Intel Iris graphics engine within the CPU.

At this point your system is in SMC lock when SMC encountered a catastrophic failure. To unlatch SMC o’ll need to disconnect the MagSafe and any other connections and then the battery. With nothing connected press and hold the power button to drain the remaining charge in the system about 15secs.

With the battery still disconnected the system should spontaneously start when you plug in the MagSafe charger. When it starts press the D key to enter into the onboard diagnostics. Depending on the macOS release firmware you may encounter that won’t work.

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@danj I see... How would I disable the discrete graphics? And would diagnostics tell me about the failure (if working)... I also noticed, that the screen has some blueish "shine" to it... Could this come from the same thing?

- de

@nameless7069 - There are a few different ways to disable the GPU. But you first should see if you can even get over the latch condition first. What happens when you reset SMC?

The Blueish shine is the anti-reflective coating. This series does have a cover glass which you can replace. But given the systems age I wouldn’t put to much into it.

- de

@danj Tried the SMC reset... For some reason, I was not able to start the MacBook, without reattaching the battery... The light on the MagSafe Charger is always green and no matter how short or long I click the power button, nothing happens... When I connected the battery bag (+ charger), I was able to get into diagnostics - therefore it first showed internet recovery, I needed to provide WiFi and then got into diagnostics.. I ran the regular test and it gave me: "Alert! Apple Hardware Test has detected an error. 4MEM/61/40000000: 0x85a57498".. I've also started the extendede testing now.

Regarding the blueish shine - I'm not too sure, it feels like it's more a graphics issue... But I can get an image ready, when I get any further (to debug that issue). Let's first get an OS on it.

- de

@danj Extended Test stopped with the same error... This MacBook is just super odd... I tried removing one of the memory bars and afterwards, the error didn't appear in the diagnostics anymore, so either that second bar or the 2nd slot seems to have an issue... Without the 2nd bar, I then tried recovery, ending up in the same white screen.. I then tried another SMC reset and now, I'm having the issue, that I can't even get back into diagnostics, because I can't pick any WIFi - it just shows 3 dots there... I tried another SMC reset and PRAM reset, but I stay at only 3 dots.. What happened there...?

- de

@nameless7069 - So you need to find the decoder ring for the error 4MEM did you try Googling it? What did you find. Here's a hint Early 2011 15" MacBook Pro Specs did you find the answer?

But you also need a good battery! If you are in this for the long haul you need to get a spare battery which is good.

- de

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