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La Kenmore 90 Series es una lavadora fabricada por Kenmore

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Are timers still available?

Repair guy said that he can’t get a timer for my 90 Series washers is that true?

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Hi @daviddee42442,

What is the model number of the washer?

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It may be true for him, as he might depend on a single supplier that doesn't carry the part you need. Nowadays it is much easier to shop an amazing number of sources for any given part, so the chances are good we can help you.

However, as Jayeff has already mentioned, we need the model number. Sears didn't make their own washing machines; rather they slapped their label on machines made by several different manufacturers, all of which could fall under the Series 90 category and have nothing to do with each other. So there's no way to get the correct part without the model.

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It depends on your model number. The Kenmore 90 Series Washing Machine has many different models and, as such, many potential different part numbers. Your exact model number will help find the exact part number you need, and then we can see if that is available or not.

Even if it is no longer manufactured or sold at major appliance parts retailers, one alternative method of sourcing the right part is to find a "donor device" from a used appliance store or from eBay (or similar). You can harvest a device with a working timer and use that for your existing device. This may or may not be economical depending on how much the donor device costs.

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