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only using 2gb ram from 4gb ram

my laptop has 4gb ram (probably 2+2gb) but one day one of the ram became unusable and still is not usable. thanks in advance for helping me.

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Hi @yunij41,

have you tried finding out which ram module is faulty by buying a replacement ram module to see when both work OK?

What have you tried

- de

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The answer to this is very simple: open up your laptop and replace the RAM. 4GB is not very usable today, and your system supports a maximum of 8GB, so while you are replacing the RAM, it's a good idea to do a simple upgrade. Look at page 5 of this manual. It will tell you how to take out your current RAM and replace it. A good replacement/upgrade I have used for computers before is Crucial 2x4B DDR3 Laptop Memory. I have used it before in multiple laptops, and highly recommend it.

Follow these instructions, and you should have 8GB of working RAM, maxing out your system for around $30!

EDIT: Do not throw away either of the old RAM cards, keep them as a backup in case you need them. Spare parts can come in handy later.

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