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Repair information for the Asus ExpertBook laptop series.

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a banana exploded inside my charging ports but still not going in

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i got most of it out but it my charger won’t go all the way in, what do i do i don’t wanna tell my dad

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I… huh? What do you mean, a banana exploded inside the charger? Were you using the banana to charge the laptop? Please elaborate and send pictures.

First, I recommend opening up the laptop (slowly & carefully). Immediately after, disconnect the battery to eliminate any risk of electrocution/short circuiting. Use a soft cloth (toilet paper, maybe a microfiber cloth) and/or cotton swab (Q-Tip®) to remove any bits of banana, and perhaps a toothpick to scrape out anything inside the charging port. If you have any, use isopropyl alcohol (not ethanol) to wipe off any residue, but DO NOT use water. Once you do this, let it dry for at least 4 hours before trying to turn it on.

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the banana was inside my backpack and it got squished so the mush got inside my charging ports

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@chrisharri80610 never good to keep secrets. Parents can be pretty cool people and they will always be there to help you out. That is what makes them parents.

Sounds like you have some residual banana stuck on the inside of your port. It would be great to see what you got going on there. Post some pictures of the exploding banana with your Question. That way we can see what you see.

Anyhow, try a vacuum cleaner to get most of it out. Then get yourself some isopropyl alcohol (it has to be 90% or better) Do not use the regular rubbing alcohol from your medicine cabinet. Then drip some of that into the port. Some, don't flood it. See if you can wash the rest of it out. A small syringe may work well for that. Whatever you do, do not stick anything metallic into that port. Once you've washed it out let it dry a bit and use a few puffs of compressed air on the port to remove the rest.

It's not complicated and definitely not fatal to your laptop. Just don't overdo it and now maybe a good time to ask your dad for some help. On here, we are dad's, granddads and sons too.

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i got picture

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