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AV receiver manufactured by Sony in 1998.

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No sound from right channel.

I bought this device used in 2021 for about $100. This device worked well for the most part but I often had issues of right channel not working. Currently, the right channel is completely broken. I have checked all the basic trouble shooting by replacing the cables and testing on different set of speakers. I have never repaired anything electronic but I am willing to give this a shot if it saves me money the technician is asking for repair ($160). Thanks.

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I suggest you do a basic visual check inside. I don't have this unit but usually to open a receiver, there are a few screws to remove and then lift the top off. Look for burned chips, diodes, resistors(smoke marks) or look for broken wires. it could also be a weak solder joint but those are difficult to see.

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@discoman here is the SM Sony STR DA30ES for your receiver. Use that to disassemble it. Then take a preliminary look at the boards. Check for "odd" looking components. If you have never looked at a circuit board, it may all look confusing. To help that, take some good pictures of your boards and post those with your Question. That way we can see what you see.

Common issues with only one side of your receiver working would be a failed amp IC or amp circuit. Once we can see what you see, we can point to a few things and have you taste some basic stuff. Yes, you will need a multimeter etc. Something inexpensive is perfectly okay since we are not going to do some wild stuff on here :-)

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