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La Aspire 3 A315 es una computadora portátil reparable de Acer.

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Acer Aspire 3 A315-56-308m The motherboard repeatedly shorts

Hello, i would like to ask something

The motherboard repeatedly shorts out even after removing the battery.
It shorts out after 1sec and again, repeatedly.

Nothing seems burned. And i tried unplugging everything and it is still doing its own thing. I dont really know what to do next.

Laptop info:

Motherboard: FH5LI LA-J801P

CPU: Intel i3

Thanks for replies.

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Hi @thevampir,

What do you mean by "shorts out"?

Does it continually turn on and off or what?

Disconnecting the battery and assuming the charger is also disconnected should mean that it can't do anything as there's no power to do so.

- de

Hi, Thanks, for the reply

The Laptop won't even turn on. I have laboratory power supply, that will show me if the motherboard shorts out, so when I put voltage on the laptop input, the laboratory power supply is telling me there is a short.

And i disconnected the battery, because i wanted to see if the battery was the problem, but it still shorts out.

And what i mean by Shorts out? I mean that maybe there is a Diode that is bad and isn't doing its work, and i didnt find any bad ones that i can measure, or some integrated circuit that is telling the motherboard when to use the battery, and if it tries, the motherboard will short out.

I hope I wrote it well, English is not my first language

Thanks, for the help.

- de

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Hi @thevampir

You may have to purchase the schematics for the motherboard and start at the laptop's DC-In jack and work your way through using the schematics until you find where the problem is.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a free download online and the one in the link was the cheapest that I found.

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Thanks, for the help, i appreciate it.

If i dont forget, i will post what it was, and how i repaird it.

Thanks again. Peace

- de

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