Why won’t it close when temperatures are below 50

When outside temps are below 50, our Craftsman garage door will only close if holding the wall button down. We have made sure the connections are good and there is nothing blocking the sensors. Is there any adjustments we need to make in the housing until?

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Hi @ritarawls,

What is the model number of the garage door opener?

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Does the motor have "down" and "up" adjust screw? You could increase the down setting to help it close.

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Craftsman part no: 045ACT. FCC ID: HBW7675

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Hi @ritarawls

Do you mean that it won't operate when using the remote control unit to open/close the door when the temp is <50°F?

If so have you tried replacing the battery in the remote control unit?

When it starts to get cold metal contacts and also batteries if they a low are not as effective.

Just to eliminate the remote as the problem, check/change the battery in the remote.

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