I have a xiaomi home surveillance camera and it sees random things


I have two xiaomi home surveillance camera and i have a problem with them.the problem is that it sees randome things and sends notification.i get 25-30 notifications a day when i am away from home.also the notifications some times will come very late and some times they wont come at all only if i open the app.

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Hi @euaggeloselenis

What is the model number of the cameras?

It seems as though they may be IR sensor activated i.e. movement causes activation, is this correct?

Are there any objects that are in the line of sight and within distance of the sensor, that may trigger them if they move e.g. wind blowing though a bush or shrub, animal passing by etc.

What is the range of the sensor (if there is one)? Some IR security sensors can range up to 12 metres but most are less than this.

How are the cameras connected to the home network - WiFi or cable?

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