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Lanzado en abril de 2010 / 2.4, procesadores Core i7 de 2.53 GHz o procesadores Core i7 de 2.66 GHz

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Can I put a 2010 15 inch Anti Glare (aluminium border) on a Glossy Dis

Hi, I have a glossy display and it cracked, so I want to put an anti glare assembly on it. Will it work?

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Theoretically, yes. If the connectors are the same, which I am pretty sure they are, then you should be able to get video on to the display. I think I have also seen this be done in a video before, but I can't recall the video. Looking at pictures of both panels, they seem to have the same connector.

EDIT: Doing some further reaserch, it seems, that yes, it can be done, as people have swapped them on 2012 models for anti-glare displays.

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