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Lanzado en abril de 2010 / 2.4, procesadores Core i7 de 2.53 GHz o procesadores Core i7 de 2.66 GHz

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Why does my MacBook turn off when I connect a display

My macbook will shut off if i connect a display and will show red lines when i start it back up

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Check your power outlets ground! And make sure you’ve got the outlets polarity correct. I would get an outlet checker to make the job easier. Frankly, I would use a good surge suppressor which both the system and the external,display are plugged in. A hot ground will damage your system so be careful!

As you are likely using a mDP to HDMI the adapter maybe bad.

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Okay because my 13 inch macbook pro works fine with the external display and my 15 inch has a amd hd 6770m gpu

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@erickespin57344 - While the 15” has a discrete GPU unlike the 13” which uses the Intel graphics engine within the CPU things can react differently.

Does the internal work without issue? Or is it also reacting the same way?

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@danj internal on the 15”? Im not sure how i can switch them. But on the 13” the internal graphics work great just that it heats up

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@erickespin57344 - Let’s backup… You are using an external display correct? You still have the internal display which is within the lid, is that not working?

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Yes sometimes i use a external display. The display on the macbook pro 15 stops working once i plug it in

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