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Información de reparación y desmontaje del teclado inalámbrico K800 de Logitech.

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letter lower case a sticking on Swedish K800 Keyboard

The letter a on this K800 on boot up of the computer stays on eg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa etc no other letter

until another character is keyed in eg an S so you get aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas and then the letter a wont work till the keyboard is switched off then back on and you get the letter a...aa again.

I have taken the A cap off the keyboard and cleaned around underneath but its still stuck so suppose the microswitch/ contact/ logic gate is permenantly closed. Without a disassembly protocol/circuit diagrame or spare parts available can this be fixed?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should add that using another standard MS keyboard all characters work properly but no access to Swedish spcial ones !!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi @kev62370

Try adding a Swedish keyboard to the Windows Operating system and use the MS keyboard that way. Here's a link that describes how to use a US keyboard where the keys have been "remapped for Swedish" in Win 10. (Scroll down past the Linux posts)

Has the Logitech K800 keyboard suffered any water damage? If it has or even if not it seems like a problem on the motherboard in the keyboard, so you may have to open it and check if anything is obviously wrong. Most keyboards use a diode matrix arrangement for the keys to minimize the number of connections needed back to the controller in the keyboard.

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