not detected at all even in the device manager or anywhere

i bought my drive then i didn't have anything to use it on so most of the time it just sat in a concealed place and i have used it from time to time and at some point without any kind of falling, being crushed or anything that might damage it; it just stopped working the white light is there but the pc, desktop or anything i plug it in never reads it and even in device manager or anywhere that you can see your device in it just doesn't appear there and i have run out of options this device for me is very expensive i bought it for a helpful reason and please help me out in anyways you can

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Hi @yerongirma,

Have you tried using a different, known working, compatible USB cable to check if it now works OK?

By known working I mean not only that it supplies power but that the data connection when using the cable also works OK.

If still no good can you hear the discs in the portable drive "spin up" when the power is first connected to it or perhaps feel the vibrations of the discs spinning in the drive?

Have you proved that the PC's USB port that the drive is plugged into is working OK data wise by connecting another USB device to see if it worked there?

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