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The Wahl Clipper Corporation is an American company that manufactures grooming products for people and animals.

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Wahl 9899L Barracuda Trimmer battery Not Holding Charge

I have disassembled my Wahl Trimmer to replace the battery as it will not hold charge.

Is someone able to assist in finding the correct battery to replace it with and providing me with instructions on how to re-attach the new battery.

See Photos below for battery type, and disassembly

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi @brettkirton

I cannot find a direct manufacturer's replacement battery based on the part number shown on the battery image you posted, however it is a standard 14500 3.6V battery so a compatible replacement should suffice.

Here's is just one supplier.

Search for 14500 3.6V 850 battery with wires to find other suppliers that may suit you better.

You may find that some have the battery but with one wire at each end and not coming out at one end only. This isn't a problem unless the wire is too short to reach the board or it means that the battery won't sit properly when fitted etc.

As for installation etc, first take photos of where the original battery's red and black wires are soldered onto the pcb board so that you have a reference of where to connect the new battery wires. Then you need to simply unsolder the wires of the old battery from the board and solder the wires from the new battery in their place.

Then partially reassemble and check if it charges OK, then disconnect and fully reassemble the trimmer and fully charge the battery before use.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I found this battery:

Would I be safe ordering that?

Also im a bit of a noob with it comes to soldering or even unsoldering... do you know of any good tutorial videos to help with the unsoldering and soldering to the board?

- de


I also saw the battery you found but I'm always a bit wary about small size batteries that claim to have such a high capacity.

The battery you found claims to have a 2700mAH capacity (seen on product label) which is 3x more than the one you have now with no increase in physical size.

Other 14500 batteries (equivalent to AA size) having 1000mAH - 1200mAH capacity would be more realistic in my view, but I couldn't find any of them.

Chances are it is OK but don't expect to get the capacity that is as stated on the battery that's all

I may be wrong of course but if you do decide to use it then be aware that whilst the increased capacity means a longer usage time between recharging it also means that it will take longer to charge.

Whatever you decide ensure that the battery has wire leads attached and not that it is what is known as a "nipple top battery" i.e. the normal looking sort of battery. It is very difficult to solder wires to these batteries as you have to apply too much heat which could be dangerous if the battery gets too hot. Better that it is done in a factory under controlled conditions rather than by the end user.

Also ensure that the red wire from the battery goes to where the red wire was connected on the board. The same with the black wire as you don't want to reverse the connections, hence the suggestion about taking photos before you start ;-).

Here's the ifixit Cómo soldar y desoldar conexiones that may help.

- de

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