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Get repair and additional information for the Bosch B26FT50SNS refrigerator, a standard, standalone model with automatic defrost, introduced in 2017, without built-in ice maker or water dispenser features.

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Model # 26FT70SNS water started making a noise - ice maker is not work

Bosch model B26FT70SNS water started making a noise still dispenses water at a slower rate- now my ice maker stopped working- have changed the water filter- water still dispenses water with noise but no ice

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Hi @hmoc

What is the full model number of the refrigerator, as there are 8 models beginning with the model number you posted, just in case replacement parts are required and they're not all the same?

Here's the service manual for the model series, that may help.

The dispenser solenoid valve check procedure is on p.33

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B26FT70SNS 08 / FD9508 000031

I looked at the manual - appears this repair will require someone with more skills than me!

Thank you for responding!

Have a good day

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Here's a parts list that is useful.

If you have a faulty part, scroll through the diagrams to find the part and the "manufacturer's part number" for the part, then search online for the "manufacturer's part number only" to find suppliers that suit you best.

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