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Repair and additional information for the Admiral Refrigerator ATF2110DRQ—a top freezer fridge with automatic defrost and an anti-sweat heater switch, released by Maytag in 1999.

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My double door refrigerator down portion is not working no cooling

My double door refrigerator down portion is not working no cooling

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Hi @gurvindersin966

If the freezer compartment temp is OK but the refrigerator compartment is not cool enough, check if you can hear if the evaporator fan inside the freezer compartment, behind a panel at the back of the compartment is operating.

The fan will run as long as the compressor motor is running.

It will stop when a door (either door) is opened and start again when the door is closed.

If you can't hear the fan running, then the fan may be faulty or there may be a defrost problem.

Disconnect the power to the refrigerator and then remove the panel at the back of the freezer compartment (access to the panel is through the door at the front of the refrigerator).

If the evaporator unit and fan is iced up then there is a defrost problem. This could be due to a faulty defrost heater, a faulty defrost thermostat, a blocked drain leading from below the evaporator unit to the evaporator pan near the compressor under the compartments or a faulty defrost timer.

Here's a link to a parts supplier that is useful if you find a faulty part is the problem. Search through the parts diagrams to locate the part and its part number. Once you know the number, search online using the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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It sounds like there may be an issue with the cooling system in the lower part of your double door refrigerator. You should check if the compressor is running and if the coils are clean. If these seem fine and there's still no cooling, it might be a problem with the thermostat or a coolant leak. It's best to consult a professional technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

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