Washer not powering up

I have a Kenmore washer (model 79641272211) that's actually been made by LG and seems identical to the LG WM3050CW. My problem is when I went to pull my clothes out, they were still dripping wet as if the machine never went into a spin cycle. I went to turn the washer back on and I got nothing, no display, nothing. I've got power at the outlet and power coming into the machine so cord is good, I pulled the top cover and no loose connections and I've also tried a hard restart procedure and still nothing. I pulled the cover off the main board and noticed a fuse but it shows continuity, I also spotted a fuse at what I think is called the filter (where the power cord comes into) and its fuse tested OK as well. Do I have a bad board and if so which one? The main board or the display board? Any help would be appreciated.

I should note that when doing a continuity test on the noise filter, I have continuity on the outer terminals but not the middle terminals. I'm getting conflicting thoughts on this because some say the middle terminals should have continuity, others say it's not used so no continuity at the middle terminals is normal. Who's right? I should also note that I'm getting 120 going into the filter and 120 going out.

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@johbail Can you upload a picture of the circuit board? Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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