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An affordable 7" multimedia tablet from Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, released in January 2015. It is sometimes called the A7-10F, which is also the tablet's model number.

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Why won’t my Lenovo turn on?

I put it on charge and it’s not turning on, but there is a buzz that repeats like every 5 to 10 seconds which is at the bottom of the screen, but my device won’t turn on. I’ve left it on charge for 30 minutes and still nothing just the same buzzing.

What do I do?

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Hi @dimmmmy,

Is the screen cracked?

If so there may be more internal damage in the tablet that is preventing the tablet from starting.

It may be better to open it up first and check.

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the tablet, that will help.

If there are any obviously damaged parts, then the manual has a parts list which help you to find the replacement parts. Search online using the FRU number to find suppliers.

Here's the ifixit Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 LCD / Display Replacement video as well.

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Thank you for the videos and the reply so soon I’ve opened up the back of my Lenovo it doesn’t look like there’s much damage to it, but that’s just by looking at it where do I buy the Lenovo tablet and battery and all that from?

- de


On p.42 of the manual I linked there's a parts list which shows the FRU number for all the replaceable parts.

Search online using the FRU number only, to find suppliers that suit you best.

Usually with tablets and phones the software checks if all the components are at least able to communicate with the operating controller (CPU) before allowing it to start. This doesn't mean that they're working so you can use them but that at least they have some sort of "life" in them.

If this doesn't happen it won't start.

Just because you can't see any obvious damage doesn't mean that there isn't any.

I would start by replacing the screen only first and check what happens.

Also just curious, you accepted my answer (I got a notification that this occurred), and then you unaccepted it so I'm wondering why? Isn't it helpful?

- de

Ahhhh okay will try and get back to you and

I thought I had done something wrong when I pressed the button my apologies

- de


No problems.

If you hve any other questions when trying to fix it just post back here. I may take a while to respond as I think I'm in a different time zone. Mine's GMT + 8

- de

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