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Fans spinning for 2 seconds and then stopping but power led remains on

I have a packard bell easynote tj62 and it stopped working one day i booted it up but the fans spun up for 2 seconds then it stopped but the power led remained on plus nothing on the display the dvd drive was also active i think its the motherboard issue but i dont think so does anyone know ABOUT this issue?

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Hi @kaxi

Try a power refresh and check if this resolves the problem.

Here's the procedure:

Turn off the laptop if it is on, disconnect the charger from the laptop (if connected) and then remove the main battery from the laptop case.

Press and hold the laptop's power button for a full 30 seconds and the release it.

Reinsert the main battery, reconnect the charger and try turning it on and check if it now works OK.

If still no good you may have to try a full power refresh:

This involves, disconnecting the charger (if connected) removing the main battery and then disassembling the laptop so that you can access the RTC (Real Time Clock) coin cell battery (aka cmos battery) and remove it from the motherboard.

This battery is used to maintain the BIOS settings in the laptop and when its voltage gets too low, corruption of the BIOS settings can occur preventing the laptop from starting and loading the operating system. The battery is a non rechargeable type coin cell battery and usually lasts from 4-6 years. Once it is removed, measure its voltage. If it is <2.5V replace it. The battery model number is stamped on the battery itself.

Here's an image taken from this teardown video for the laptop, showing where the RTC battery is located on the motherboard.

Block Image

(click on image)

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