Refrigerator with burnt circuit board starts working again!

My Samsung refrigerator stopped working after a short power failure. I tried to unplug it and plug it again but still wasn't working. I plugged it again in a different plug, that I made sure was working (using another appliance) but still didn't work. Called a Samsung technician and he said that circuit board is probably burnt due to the power failure, and ordered a new board for replacement. Two days later, I've returned from work and the fridge was working..!!! The lights, the right temperature, everything normal...!! I'm still waiting for the new board so I'm wondering if I should change it anyway or cancel the order. What might have happened? Is there an explanation?

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@jtz54879 did you leave it disconnected for those days? It may just needed a reboot. Did the repair person just talk to you over the phone or did they actually check it? Anyhow, what exact model number is it?

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@oldturkey03 No, it wasn't disconnected. It was plugged in the second plug, the one that was working. The technician came and saw it. He used something like usb cables because he connected the fridge to his smartphone and then he told me that he isn't getting any response from the motherboard. That's why he suggested to replace the board. It's a Samsung RS66A8100S9

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@jtz54879 just a heads up, I am cheap. I would way the cost of the repair between now and later. If your tech can run a test and validate that the diagnostics are all good, I would consider keeping the part (depending on cost) but not yet install it. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I know that things like this are tough because we never really trust that particular appliance to be a 100% but you have to weight the cost against this.

@jayeff is really good with these appliance etc. maybe he'll give you some better ideas.

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