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Why are only a few of my N64 games working?

My Nintendo 64 system is only playing a few of my games. Banjo-Kazooie specifically is the one I can get to work the most often. One of the other games, a football game I've forgotten the name too, would work on a coin flip. The rest refuse to turn on at all. I have tried cleaning the cartridge slot using compressed air, nothing. One of the games was literally sealed in plastic wrap seconds before I put them in, so I know it is not the cartridges. I am using an old CRT TV, a Sanyo, do not know the model, but it is not because I am using an HD TV. PlayStation 2 works great with the TV. When I try using other games, like Super Mario 64 or Goldeneye, it does the same thing it does when there are no games in it, a quick flicker and then nothing. Anyone have any advice?

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If your Nintendo 64 (N64) system is having trouble playing some games while others work, it could be due to several factors, including cartridge condition, system issues, or compatibility problems. Here are some steps to help diagnose and potentially resolve the issue:

Cartridge Condition: Even if a game is sealed in plastic wrap, it's possible that the contacts on the cartridge have become dirty or oxidized over time. Try cleaning the game cartridges themselves using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Gently rub the contacts to remove any dirt or corrosion.

Cartridge Slot: You mentioned using compressed air to clean the cartridge slot, which is a good step. However, sometimes the issue may require more thorough cleaning. You can try using a specialized cleaning kit for cartridge slots, which includes cleaning solutions and brushes designed for this purpose. Be sure the console is turned off and unplugged when cleaning the slot.

Check for Bent Pins: Inspect the cartridge slot on the N64 itself for any bent or damaged pins. If you find any, carefully straighten them using a small, non-conductive tool like a toothpick or a plastic spudger. Be extremely gentle to avoid further damage.

System Compatibility: Not all N64 games are created equal, and some may have compatibility issues with certain N64 consoles. Ensure that your N64 is in good working condition. Try playing the problematic games on another working N64 console, if possible, to see if they work there.

Reseating Cartridges: Sometimes, simply reseating the game cartridges a few times can help establish a better connection. Insert and remove the cartridges several times to see if that makes a difference.

Expansion Pak: Some N64 games require the Expansion Pak accessory to work properly. Check if the games that aren't working require the Expansion Pak and make sure it's properly installed in your N64.

Power Supply: Ensure that the N64 is receiving a stable power supply. Unstable or low voltage can cause issues. Try a different power adapter or outlet.

TV Compatibility: While you mentioned using an old CRT TV, it's possible that there might still be compatibility issues with certain TVs. Make sure that the TV is set to the appropriate input source and try using different input cables.

Game Cleaning: If the games still don't work after cleaning the cartridges and the system, consider getting the games professionally cleaned and inspected. Sometimes, there may be internal issues with the cartridges that are not easily visible.

Technical Support: If none of the above steps work, it may be best to seek technical support or contact a retro gaming specialist who can diagnose and repair the N64 and games. There might be specific issues with the console that require professional attention.

Remember that older gaming systems like the N64 can be sensitive to wear and tear, and sometimes, issues may be challenging to diagnose and fix without professional help.

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