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Lanzado en julio de 2018, el MacBook Pro de 15", modelo A1990, presenta una pantalla de retroiluminación LED de 15.4 pulgadas con tecnología True Tone, TouchID y hasta 6 procesadores Core i9.

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Can I replace the keyboard myself?

I just purchased a new keyboard for this model of MacBook Pro but then immediately cancelled after reading further in this article, Desmontaje de Macbook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2018, where it states, "The top case assembly, which includes the keyboard, battery, and speakers, is firmly glued in place—making all those components hard to replace separately."

So my question is, should I attempt to replace my faulty keyboard or no? Some keys, in particular the space bar, are repeating keys where I have to backspace 90% of the time tanking my productivity. I don't want to spend $2200 for a new Mac and would prefer not to spend $500-$1000 to have Apple repair it. I've purchased a battery replacement and intend on replacing it this weekend. I've replaced an iPhone screen twice so I have some chops.

What do you suggest?


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Apple rivetted the keyboard in place on these models. If you skip to 4:50 in this video, you'll see how it's done. And Louis describes how some of the keyboards you buy are defective.

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Thank you for your reply Jesse. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I won't attempt to replace the keyboard myself. I may just have to live with it.

As I work on my laptop from my comfy chair in the evenings, the repeating space bar is very frustrating. I've tried using an external keyboard but it's rather clumsy and difficult to use both the keyboard and touchpad when necessary.

Perhaps I'll see what Apple will charge if I ship to them since I'm no where near an Apple store. I don't have the money to buy a new one. I did get a new battery, but now I'm unsure if I should attempt that either. *sigh*

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@robtcallah45309 Good luck! If you're looking for a more repairable laptop, definitely check out Framework. They support the right to repair and sustainability. Heck you can upgrade components as new ones come out.

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Jesse (@hootonberg),

Thanks for the Framework suggestion. I didn't know they existed and I like the idea. The only thing I have to seriously consider is if I'd be ok using Ubuntu as a desktop and if it had all the apps I need. I'll compose a list of required apps, as well as, nice to haves. That'll help make the decision. I went ahead and configured one with 32GB RAM and 500GB SSD. It topped out over $1,700, but still less expensive than a new MacBook Pro. I'll seriously consider it. Thanks again man.

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