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The Samsung RF23M8570 is a 22.5 cu. ft. capacity French door refrigerator featuring a counter-depth design, FlexZone drawer, ice maker, water dispenser, and triple cooling system, with a stainless steel exterior and interior.

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Help with Samsung Smart Fridge evaporator assembly replacement?

Hi, this might be something simple for someone who knows what they're doing. Meaning, I don't. Long story short, I bought my fridge from a company who refurbishes fridges and re-sells them. At first, the ice maker wouldn't make ice, and then, the freezer stopped freezing. I had someone from Samsung come out and look it, and the evaporator that's in the fridge is probably 66% the size it should be. They refused to repair it since it's "been tampered with."

I was able to take the cover off, and get to the evaporator. It was simple to unplug a few wires, but, there's a metal piece going through the back wall of the fridge, which I don't know how to replace/remove etc.

I've uploaded a picture of the coil that's in the fridge (so you can see how pitiful it is), as well the as the appropriate coil. I've circled the part that I'm not sure the portion that I'm not sure how to install.

Thank you!!!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @ajayjetley

Not to argue with the Samsung repairer but looking at an image of the evaporator unit used in the refrigerator compartment for the model series, it seems to be the correct one, but not if it is in the freezer compartment. Here's the one that is used in the freezer compartment for the model series.

If the appropriate evaporator units are installed in their respective compartments, it may be a problem with the sealed system i.e. lack of refrigerant due to a leak for instance or something else e.g. two way valve¹, compressor, control board temperature sensor etc.

¹The two way valve directs the refrigerant gas between the two evaporator units as required, determined by the temperatures in each compartment, under the control of the control board i.e. if one compartment still needs cooling and the other doesn't then the refrigerant will be directed only to the evap unit in the compartment that needs cooling and not to the evap unit in the other compartment.

Did the repairer check anything else at all?

Here's a link to the service manual that may help. Unfortunately you have to buy it as I couldn't find a free download online. Service manuals detail the diagnostic test procedures so that most of the important functions in the refrigerator can be checked e.g. two way valve, compressor, defrost circuit components, temp sensor components, fans etc. They also have test procedures if there is a fault code displayed to show what to check and where etc. Maybe worth considering anyway. Note: if the problem is the compressor or the two way valve then replacing either of them would be the same procedure as described below for how to replace the evaporator unit.

If the wrong evaporator unit is installed in the freezer then replacing it is really not a job for novices, especially as you need a bit of specialized equipment to do the repair.

Also depending on your location, you may need to use a licensed repairer to do this due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases. Where I am you can't even buy the refrigerant as no one will sell it to you if you don't have a license.

First you need to cut into the sealed system without losing any refrigerant and then pump out and store the refrigerant that is in the system.

After this you can cut out the existing evaporator unit and then install the replacement evap unit by brazing the pipes from the new evap unit onto the existing piping.

After this you need to check that the whole system is pressure tight by pumping in a dye to check for any leaks.

If there aren't any leaks after this you need to pump out all the dye and then create a vacuum in the sealed system and pump in the refrigerant and then turn on the refrigerator and check if the suction and high pressures are OK in the system so as to achieve the correct temperatures. If they're not you may have to add to or reduce the amount of refrigerant until the pressures and temps are OK and then seal the sealed system and then make sure that it now still works OK

Perhaps you should go back to where you bought it from and say that it isn't working as it should i.e. presumably not getting cold enough and see what they say. Did they give any kind of guarantee when you bought it?

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No, the repairer took a look at the evaporator and called it a day.

Thanks for the answer, that's exactly what I needed to know!

- de

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