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Released 1991 and discontinued in 1997 identified by model number TI-85 with a 6Mhz Zilog Z80 Processor and 28Kb of RAM.

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Why is mine smoking?

I turned it on and left it on for 5 min then I smelt smoke and it way coming from the port at the bottom pls help school starts in two days

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@henry53521 if the smoke came from the battery case, then the issue is most likely some burnt out component on your mainboard. Use something like this video to tear it down and see what went wrong with it. Now, since you were using batteries, you do want to remove and replace all of those and take a look at the contacts.

Once you have it apart, post some pictures of your boards so we can see what you see. Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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Some related info: The TI-85 uses 4 AAA batteries. The port at the bottom is a 2.5mm 'headphone jack' that's used for communication with computers.

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@thelastmill you are right and reformulated the response

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