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Why my Nvidia gtx gpu not working?

Nvidia gtx Graphic card not working and nvidia control panel not opening

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Hi @swetekka,

Check in Device Manager > Display Adapters to check the status of the Nividia GPU.

If there's a red cross, right click on the adapter entry and select enable

If there's a yellow exclamation mark, right click on the entry and select update drivers - you need to be online to do this one.

If no entry in DM, check in BIOS to make sure it isn't disabled there.

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I did that but not working, when I play games every time freezer image or out and come error report.

- de

Hey @swetekka

Sorry for the late response but have you fixed the issue?

If you have then please let us know how you fixed it.

If not then have you tried updating the drivers for it?

- de

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