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My pc is black screen with cursor

My pc is normally open then after that show black screen with cursor

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Hey there @jikkejikke!

That sounds like a black screen of death. This occurs when your operating system is corrupted or damaged to a point where the computer can no longer boot. However, despite the name, your computer still has plenty of life left in it. You will need to reinstall your OS in order to return functionality. If you have a current backup of your computer and if you have a recovery disc, you can just pop that in and follow the directions to reinstall Windows. If you don't have a current backup there is a way to (possibly, not certainly) recover your data. Just follow this guide to boot Linux from a flash drive or DVD. When you get to step 3, click "Try Ubuntu" and it will open up to a desktop. Use the file manager program to copy all your files to an external drive. It is possible that your hard drive is corrupted to a point where your data is unrecoverable; keep a current backup! If you don't have a recovery disc, follow this guide to create Windows recovery media.

Good luck!

Imagen de Ubuntu Linux


How to Install Ubuntu Linux



30 minutes - 1 hour

Imagen de Windows 10


Cómo crear una unidad de arranque USB para Windows 10



30 minutes

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@jikkejikke black screen with a blinking cursor is commonly caused by a failed HDD. Your computer can't access the OS.

Try to enter the BIOS by restarting your computer and keep pressing F2 key when the Samsung logo appears. Once in the BIOS see if your HDD is found . If not, you will need to replace the HDD.

You could also try and set the boot order to USB and get a bootable USB drive. Boot from that and try to access your HDD.

You can download the service manual for your computer from here

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