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Repair guides and support for Whirlpool brand dryers.

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dryer igniter not working.model#WGD8300SWI

error code#29--replaced moisture sensor,fuse ,exhaust thermistor,coils,igniter,and control board sensor circuit. what the f is next?

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Hi @wayne1396

If you haven't got it already here's the tech sheet for the dryer.

Seems as though you've replaced everything mentioned for a 29 error code but if you haven't done so already, perhaps run through the test #4 on p.12 and then test #3a on p.10 (if necessary) as described in the sheet and check.

In the end it may be something else on the control board not working, that is connected to the control board sensor circuit which in itself may be working OK.

There is also a wiring diagram on p.4 so you can check the wiring from the control board, right through to the ignitor

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