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Una máquina lavadora con carga superior de Fisher&Paykel.

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Fault 49 - won’t stop beeping

I have fault 49 on my fisher and paykel washing machine - i have replaced the inlet valve with a brand new one but the washing machine is still beeping the error as soon as i turn it on and won’t do anything else? do i need to reset it or something. Everything is hooked up but it still is flashing error and won’t work

Update (07/04/23)

WA65T60GW1 92164-A Fisher and paykel

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Hi @dy03

Just verifying that it is fault code 49?

What LEDs are on when it beeps i.e. are they wash progress LEDs reading R-L 1, 5 & 6?

If so, you replaced both the hot and cold valves as one complete dual valve assembly, is this correct?

Try getting onto the diagnostic mode and test if the cold and hot water inlet valves are working OK. A faulty hot or cold valve can give a fault code 49.

Not quite sure re your model but to get into the diagnostics in my F&P smart drive washer (different model) turn on the power at the power point but off at the machine.

Press and hold the Wash Temp Down button and then the Power button until the machine gives 2 short beeps and lights up. Release buttons when the beeps indicate diagnostic mode has been entered

When in Diagnostic Mode, the Wash Temp Up button turns the hot water valve on. The Hot LED is on when the hot valve is on. The Wash Temp Down button turns the cold water valve on. The Cold LED is on when the cold valve is on.

If the cold (or hot) LED is not on, since you have replaced the inlet valves, it could be a wiring fault or perhaps a faulty motor control module.

There's a diagnostic circuit in the control module that performs a check of the voltage value coming from each of the valves (depends on what wash temp i.e. cold or hot is selected whether it is just the cold valve or the hot valve or both if warm is selected) and if there's a problem i.e. faulty valve or wiring the fault code is given

If there's no problem with the valve or the wiring e.g. loose, corroded connection (either end valve or board) etc then it's the control board

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The problem will be with the board

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