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La Kenmore 80 Series es una lavadora popular fabricada por Kenmore

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Why isnt my washer pumping any water into the machine

i put it on ultra wash and it doesnt put any water and starts to spin

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Does it put water in on the other wash settings?

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Hi @joseromero41418,

What is the model number of the washer?

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If it's a newer model you may need to Google search how to do a reset on the machine then try it.

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The fact that it starts spinning immediately on switch on with the program switch set to ultra wash certainly points to a control board electronic malfunction where the program thinks it's on the intermediate or final spin cycle. (Spin cycles will always also activate the drain pump which you will be able to hear).

I assume it might work as it should on other program choices (you don't mention). If it does then it's the above control board problem or the switch itself.

If you are able to get to the program switch, check for a physical malalignment of the mechanism or an obvious electrical fault such as a wire or similar conductive material stuck in the switch and making the wrong contact. If it is purely an electronic switch (ex a touch switch) then this won't reveal an electfical/mechanical fault.

Bear the following in mind: the water supply is controlled by the washer's valves, which in turn are activated via the control circuit, by electrical solonoids. If the valve is stuck - open and clean it. If the solonoid is open (as measured with a multimeter) - replace it. If it shows continuity then measure the supply voltage to the solonoid. The latter supply voltage will be initiated by the control board, which must be powered of course, via the washer's main switch/program selector.

NB: Be especially careful with this measurement because of lethal voltages in the area. Some solonoids work directly off mains AC voltages while others at lower DC voltages. (A smart multimeter will be useful here). Connections to solonoids are usually via spade terminals. If the problem lies here then non of the programs will have water.

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