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El principal iPhone 2020 de Apple fue lanzado el 23 de octubre y viene con una pantalla de 6.1", sistema de cámara dual de 12 MP, y en cinco colores disponibles. Sucesor del iPhone 11.

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Is it worth doing a battery replacement this late in?

This is the 2nd time it has occurred; the phone has shut down randomly and will not stay on without a charge. I have it on the charger now getting it back up, but I suspect the phone needs a battery at this point after 2/2 shutdowns.

I am planning on buying the new phone in September, but I am wondering if it's worth taking the phone to Apple to get my battery done in the interim, even though I plan on buying a new phone.

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If it's a matter of opinion, I personally wouldn't waste money that could go to something else on that replacement. Unless you can find a way to get more value out of the phone selling it with a replacement than not -assuming you intend to sell it- or if you want to give the phone to someone in the short term, I'd just wait and make the change. If the cost is low and you find that you have no alternatives for the interim, weigh the matter accordingly.

If you're sure it's just a battery issue and the device is in good condition, it's pretty surely still a good phone with decent resale value, so keep that in mind.

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