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El Satellite C660 es una serie de portátiles lanzados por Toshiba alrededor de 2010. Tienen pantallas de 15,6 pulgadas y una variedad de procesadores Intel.

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My laptop keeps black screening when I play

Whenever i play a game my laptop most of the time black screens , it is most common with valve games , i tried an external problem and same thing , any solution?

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@albertoein99385 since this seems to happen mostly with games, it is likely that your GPU does not meet the requirements for those games. It uses the same GPU for the external monitor, so it can still not show your game. Of course, you always want to make sure that you have the latest drivers for your computer installed. Ultimately, your computer may not work as a gaming machine for these games.

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Hi @albertoein99385,

Check online for the system requirements for the games. It may be that your laptop doesn't meet the minimum amount of required hardware i.e. ram, CPU and GPU for them to play correctly

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@jayeff I did and team fortress 2 meets my system requirements

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Try downloading and running this free memory test program from a bootable USB drive to make sure that all the ram is OK.

This program is a standalone program as it doesn't require Windows to be loaded etc.

Doing this is only to eliminate faulty ram as the problem. Playing games puts a lot of stress on the hardware

The other thing to check is to look in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that are logged at the same time as the problem occurs.

If there is a common event that occurs, note the Event ID and Source and then search online using that information to find out possible causes for the event.

To get to Event Viewer in Win10/11press the Win key and the x key (both together) and click on the Event Viewer link in the options menu box that appears.

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