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Lanzado en abril de 2010 / 2.4, procesadores Core i7 de 2.53 GHz o procesadores Core i7 de 2.66 GHz

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My MacBook is not taking any macos

Hi All,

I have a MacBook pro 2010 that had a bad motherboard and I went ahead and bought one from eBay and installed it.

But after installing it it won’t take any Mac OS I tried swapping SSDs I tried replacing SSD cable I tried different macOS it’s getting super slow when loading the OS from the USB drive.

One thing that I notice though is the original logic board that I had a 2.4 GHz CPU, the new one that I bought has a 2.66 GHz CPU. Is it possible that the new motherboard is not compatible with the components in my MacBook?

It shouldn’t matter because than you logic board fits perfectly. I didn’t have to force it or anything. I tried resetting NVRAM/PRAM reset.

I’m out of luck at this time. Please advise.

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Please tell us what system you are trying to install, any failure message you are getting and the date of the installer.

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Im trying to install A1278 model2351 it has 2.66ghz cpu

The one i initially had is A1278 model 2351 but has 2.4ghz cpu

No error msg, just whenever i load the os from the usb to install, the bar gets stuck and doesn’t move

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What is the make and model of the SSD drive you have? Do keep in mind this is only a SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) based system.

Update (06/07/23)

MZ-7TE1280 Samsung PM851 Series 128GB Triple-Level Cell is a SATA III 6Gb/s only SSD. This is classified as an enterprise drive used in data centers. I’m suspecting it was either a recovered drive resold or just old stock. Sorry this is not a proper drive for this system.

Samsung does make consumer grade drives as an example Samsung 860 EVO in fact this is an Auto sense drive! The way you can tell is looking at the spec sheet I’ve linked here jump down to the interface line note what is states “SATA 6 Gbps Interface, compatible with SATA 3 Gbps & 1.5 Gbps interfaces” that’s the clue! If it only offers one and only one speed then it’s fixed!

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Is it? I used a sata 6gb/s

Also i was able to install the os fine on an older 2009 macbook without any issue

So how come this won’t work on a 2010 macbook

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Make and model is SAMSUNG MZ-7TE1280 128GB SSD SATA III 2.5" Hard Drive

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@redwave - Not all SATA III drives work within older systems like yours. We classify the drives into two groups what we call Fixed Speed ones that only will work with a matching systems I/O interface and the other group we call Auto Sense, these drives discover the systems I/O and match it.

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I did send you the make and model

But the question here is that the macbook doesnt even load the usb drive macos for install. It just get stuck no matter if you have an ssd inserted or not

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@redwave - You were too quick! As soon as I saw what you posted I deleted that and have since answered the issue at hand.

The drive is too fast for your system and as such it can’t install the OS from the USB drive. This gets down to how slow the system is as it’s telling the SSD what to write but the SSD won’t have it as it wants the data at the rate it works at!

Think of it this way… you are trying to transcribe a long list of names but the person is taking forever to tell you one letter at a time each name! You would get frustrated at this slow rate, I would for sure!

But, your friend can read this guys writing and steps in, rattling off the names in quick order and you catch each one with no errors! That’s the difference here!

There is nothing wrong with the logic board

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